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Spacial Dynamics® is the study and discipline of enhancing the growing human being’s relationship to the body and the surrounding space through appropriate movement and gestures. The dynamics of space is an important part of our lives.  By ennobling the space in and around us we bring awareness and harmony to ourselves and are able to connect with humanity. 

 Working through movement we develop an understanding that movement needs to have certain qualities or principles.


The movement will be:

  • efficient and mechanically advantageous

  • enlivening and quickening- enkindles a spark of life. 

  • beautiful, aesthetically pleasing.

  • clarity of consciousness.

  • able to enhance expanded awareness of self that you would like to weave into other realms of your life. 


Check out our  Level I Training in  Zhengzhou, China 




 Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping you feel at home in your body.

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See the work we do around the world and be inspired to join us in movement.

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